Enjoy the tastes of Naples

Holiday Home Napoli
Casa Serao

Luxury and comfort
in the central Via Toledo

Holiday Home Napoli
2 Porte a Toledo

Warmth and hospitality in the
heart of the "Spanish Quarter"

Holiday Home Napoli
Pulcinella a Pizzofalcone

Nicely alternative

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Casa Cirella
Piazzetta Matilde Serao

Casa CirellaPiazzetta Matilde Serao
Luxurious apartment in Via Toledo, the most central area of Naples

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Casa Cirella
2 Porte a Toledo

Casa Cirella2 Porte a Toledo
Maximum comfort in the heart of the characteristic Spanish Quarter

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Casa Cirella
di Pulcinella a Pizzofalcone

Casa Cirelladi Pulcinella a Pizzofalcone
An easy and pleasantly alternative solution, near Piazza del Plebiscito.

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The heart of Naples beats fast:
Enjoy the city feeling at home

Cirella, Holiday Homes in Naples, offers luxury apartments in the heart of the historical center a few meters from Via Toledo and close to the major sights of the city: Piazza Plebiscito, the Galleria Umberto I, the Teatro San Carlo. The apartments are tastefully furnished, equipped with every comfort and are the ideal solution to spend your holidays in Naples, stay for work and immerse themselves in the Neapolitan life

Palazzo Cirella is an important building in the city of Naples; It is located in Via Toledo at n. 228, and dates from the late eighteenth century.

It belonged to the Neapolitan family Catalano Gonzaga, who possessed the noble title of Dukes of Cirella.

The palace has a beautiful courtyard with a backdrop of inspiration vanvitellian, where one can find a niche adorned with a sculpture of the late Mannerist and a grand staircase.

The property is especially important from the point of view of history, in front of the building as the rioters erected barricades of 1848; the same owners of the building at the time, liberal ideas, took part in the riots and the brother of the Duke Catalano Gonzaga was sentenced to death in absentia.

Holiday Apartements Naples - Italy

Serao apartment
Piazzetta Matilde Serao, 40
80132 Naples - Italy

2 Porte apartment
Vico Due Porte a Toledo
80132 Naples - Italy

Pulcinella apartment
Via Nuova Pizzofalcone, 37
80132 Naples - Italy

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Mobile +39 338 1418370

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