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Palazzo delle arti Napoli (PAN) is an art gallery and a museum that is housed in a pink 16th-century palace located in Via dei Mille in the heart of Naples.

PAN has 6000 square meters to fill with art. It describes itself as a “centre for arts and documentation”. PAN has no permanent collection of art, but it has amazing venue of exhibitions of contemporary art.

Three storeyed building with white small floors are filled with paintings, photographies, trading floors and sculptures. There are works by many Italian artists displayed there such as William Kentridge and Dennis Oppenheim.

Contemporary art exhibition also involve multimedia, design, architecture as well as film screenings, book presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions and theatre events. There are also an experimental art lab, multimedia library, archive and a cafe-bookshop In PAN.


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Holiday Apartements Naples - Italy

Serao apartment
Piazzetta Matilde Serao, 40
80132 Naples - Italy

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Vico Due Porte a Toledo
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Via Nuova Pizzofalcone, 37
80132 Naples - Italy

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